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Take a deep breath. Your personal support network is here for you. We have the compassion, experience, and resources needed to help you every step of the way — including advice and guidance, treatment decision-making options, emotional and social supports, help with insurance and transportation services, and financial assistance. Our message to you: you are not alone. We are here to help. No question is too big or too small. You can make it through this.

Your area cancer navigators are a team that offers you options to help you along your cancer journey. Learn more about the services we offer. Then reach out and get to know us as we get to know you.

Please note, some of the navigators featured in our videos may no longer be with the program listed. However, the services and support they describe remain hallmarks of these local cancer treatment centers.

Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint

SERVICES: We can help with connections to resources, advocacy, art and music therapy, and group support to navigate through the process.

ADVICE: “There is support available – no matter how big or small – every step of the way.”

CONTACT: [email protected] or 810.342.4848


Nurse Navigator

Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint

SERVICES: I work to build a close relationship with patients so they feel safe and cared for. We provide assistance in making appointments, planning out the process, helping with transportation, coordinating care with other doctors and family, reconnection to go over the surgeon’s plan, preparing for surgery, and art, music and group therapy.

ADVICE: “You may be wondering about your type of cancer, how to keep track of all your appointments, and being able to afford care. We’re here for you to guide you through the process. I’ve found people rely on me for many things. Everyone is different.”

CONTACT: [email protected] or 810.342.5687

Ascension Genesys Hospital

SERVICES: We assist patients with their cancer journey to help meet their specific needs. We can help with cancer treatment decision help, financial and insurance assistance, social support, and overall cancer journey guidance.

ADVICE: “You’re not alone. Our navigation team is here to help guide you throughout this challenging time.”

CONTACT: [email protected] or 810.606.9428


Oncology Nurse Navigator

Ascension Genesys Hospital

SERVICES: I specialize in working with Gastrointestinal / Colorectal cancer patients. We provide education, resources, and access to support groups.

ADVICE: “Remember that you are not alone! There are so many support groups and resources available to help you on your journey.”

CONTACT: [email protected] or 810.606.6312


Oncology Nurse Navigator

Ascension Genesys Hospital

SERVICES: I specialize in working with Breast and Gynecological Cancers. We provide education, resources and access to support groups.

ADVICE: “It’s important that patients ask their questions and that they get their answer to their understanding”

CONTACT: [email protected] or 810.606.5316

Hurley Medical Center

SERVICES: We can help with access to resources,insurance, imaging, transportation, and support groups.

ADVICE: “There is always hope. Cancer is not a death sentence. There is treatment.”


Breast Nurse Navigator

Hurley Medical Center

CONTACT: [email protected] or 810.262.7207

Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute

SERVICES: Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute provides chemo and radiation treatments. We provide counseling and support services including advocacy, care coordination, education, applying for insurance, logistics and assistance with employment, and financial issues.

ADVICE: “Remember to breathe. The journey is not linear and I am here to help.”

CONTACT: 810.762.8122


Care Coordinator/Community Healthcare

Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute

SERVICES: Nurse navigation and community resources for patients to bridge the gap in resources combined with healthcare for their specific needs.

ADVICE: “I feel that when dealing with a cancer diagnosis it can be very overwhelming and it is nice to know that you are not alone and having access to all the resources that are available helps along the journey.”

CONTACT: [email protected] or 810.762.8122

Contact information is as of September, 2023. Other health professionals at these partner organizations are also available to assist you.